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Community CEU - UCH

A university community at the service of society

Our mission

We are a Catholic University, a pioneer in the development of innovative educational projects. We are geared to helping people who learn us to understand the discipline they study and develop their professional activities with integrity and responsibility. Our reference are the values ​​of Christian humanism that constitute our criterion of thought and action for the betterment of society.

We are committed to a global society, which we provide:

  • Formed integrally people prepared to develop a public life and contribute to improving their environment.
  • Relevant research and knowledge transfer and innovation.
  • Entrepreneurship applicable to business and social projects.

Our vision

We aim to consolidate our position as a university global, innovative in spirit and enterprising in its action, to forward these attitudes to the university community to transfer them to society. A university devoted to the formation of valuable people in every way - intellectual, professional and human - and make it better. A university determined to build, By itself and through its graduates, an impact on society that contributes to improve and to become an international reference in the field of higher education.

Commitment and responsibility

We reflect on the consequences of our actions and respect the rules that govern us and the commitments we make.

University-CEU advocate UCH

It is the figure ensures respect for the rights and freedoms of teachers, students and administrative staff and services, to the actions of the various university bodies and services.

His performances are always directed to improving university quality in all areas and is not subject to mandatory instructions of any instance according to the principles of independence and autonomy.

Dignity and integrity

We recognize the inherent value of each human being as a rational and free.

We are committed to equality of men and women. We are as an organization and as transmitters of knowledge and values.

Equality Unit

The evolution of societies towards a more equitable reality, it is necessary to pass through the incorporation on equal terms of all men and women who belong to it. Universities, as centers of knowledge transmission, must also adopt this commitment, using the mechanisms at their disposal, such as equality units, thereby achieving the mandated objectives.

  • Informs and advises the governing bodies of the University policy of equality.
  • Develops, implements and evaluates Equality Plans at the University, which set out the objectives and strategies to achieve in promoting equal treatment and opportunities at the University.
  • Reports the University policy and procedures with an impact on gender equality and opportunities.
  • It supports studies in order to promote equality.
  • Promotes knowledge by university staff and students of the principle of equality.
  • Diffuses the activities carried out on equality.

Respect and empathy: Loans singular relationship with the other attention, recognizing the dignity of each person and his work. We are sensitive to the circumstances and needs of others and care about each person suing help or guidance.

Solidarity: We assume that the common good is more than the sum of individual goods and know that the collective effort allows us to achieve impossible individual achievements.

professionalism: We strive to live up to the expectations of the people with whom we interact and try to develop rigorous professional activity that everyone has entrusted.

Innovation: We are an innovative university in many ways. We propose new ideas and initiatives to adapt to changes and new social frameworks and professionals.

Integration: We believe in the value of difference and assume that we are part of the same whole, the CEU community. We add our differences because we consider them valuable, to enrich us culturally and personally.

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Universidad CEU - Cardenal Herrera

General competences: to have an integral vision of the human being in its immanent and transcendent dimension. Achieving this competition implies an attitude of seeking t ... [+]

OFFICIAL TITLE: Degree in law

DURATION / ECTS: 4 years / 240 ECTS

SEATS / CAMPUS: 60 / Moncada - Alfara; 25 / Elche



General competences

Take a holistic view of human beings in its immanent and transcendent dimension. Achieving this competition implies an attitude of seeking truth from different orders of knowledge about human nature and common personal dignity to all men and women, with particular attention to the ethical and moral implications, by recourse to the knowledge of the different conceptions of the person throughout history and the social, political and legal consequences of these conceptions. Having sound and strong about society and current culture criteria. Achieving this competition involves purchasing criteria that allow understand and appreciate the society and current culture by studying its history in order to enable the graduate to make critical judgments about different aspects of social reality and provide suggestions for improvement roots all from the perspective of constitutional principles and the Social Doctrine of the Church. Being able to express themselves properly in Spanish. Achieving this competence involves learning about the resources of oratory and writing Spanish. Being able to operate with ease and efficiency in at least one foreign language. Achieving this competency involves being able to develop the skills needed to work proficiently and effectively, both in writing and orally, in English and tendentiously, in another foreign language. Being able to understand and synthesize complex propositions, critically, in the context in which they are presented.... [-]
Spain Valencia
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Full time
4 years
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