Excellence in research and teaching

Since opening its doors to the public in 1978, the University of Passau has quickly developed into the first address in German academia. The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings, e.g. in Law, Business and Economics, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Political Science and Cultural Studies.

About 13,000 students and doctoral researchers from more than 100 countries are enrolled at the University of Passau. In addition to studying in small learning groups, students benefit from the manageable size of the University campus, resulting in short distances and an excellent student experience. Our Centre for Careers and Competencies gives staff and students the opportunity to develop those all-important transferable skills, such as leadership and communication, which are in great demand by employers. Representative surveys regularly attest to the high level of student satisfaction at the University.

A global outlook

Internationalism has always been one of our defining characteristics: our faculties maintain a close-knit network of cooperation with worldwide academic and research partners and we have numerous active alumni sections throughout the world. Part of the reason why our alumni are so successful on a global basis is that we provide them with the best pre-requisites for an international career: many degree courses give students the chance to earn a double degree in cooperation with international partner universities, and all our students have access to a large range of language courses and student exchange programmes. Our subject-specific language programmes in Law, Business/Economics, Cultural Studies/International Relations and Computer Science/Mathematics ideally complement our students’ degree studies.

A great student experience

Our graduates are highly sought after by employers, as they are not only equipped with the technical knowledge needed to embark on their careers; they are also highly motivated individuals who demonstrate great initiative by seeking additional qualifications or practical skills. Many are active in theatre, music, photography, film, radio and other cultural activities in their spare time, e.g. by getting involved in one of our many cultural student societies.

In Bavaria and at the heart of Europe

The University’s modern campus is located in the south-eastern part of Bavaria – Germany’s high-technology state – in verdant surroundings, a few minutes’ walk from the historic Old Town of Passau. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Passau has a very low crime rate and offers an excellent standard of living in a politically stable and economically robust environment, while being close to the major metropolitan centres of Prague, Munich and Vienna.

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University of Passau

A research-focused, fully integrated postgraduate double-degree programme in German and Russian Law. As a student enrolled in this programme, you will study towards your ... [+]

About the programme

This double degree programme is a research-focused, fully integrated postgraduate programme in German and Russian Law. As a student enrolled in this programme, you will study towards your double Master's degree at two universities – the University of Passau and Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk. The programme carries a total workload of 120 ECTS credits and is directed at students who have an undergraduate degree in law or in a subject with a strong legal focus.

The programme acquaints German students with the principles of the Russian legal system, allowing them, for instance, to put the focus on the economic and tax laws in Germany and Russia. This requires knowledge of Russian (legal) language, which is taught as part of the degree programme.... [-]

Germany Passau
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Full time
4 semesters
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University of Passau

The Master's degree in German Law for foreign graduates is a research-focused degree that imparts professional legal expertise and allows you to develop your legal skills ... [+]

This master's degree in German Law for foreign graduates is a research-focused degree that imparts professional legal expertise and allows you to develop your legal skills.

Unlike most other disciplines, laws are unique to the societies that brought them forth and therefore vary significantly from country to country. There is a steadily growing demand for legal practitioners with in-depth knowledge of the German legal system.

Building on a previous law degree earned abroad, this degree programme gives you essential skills and specific expertise in German law while placing special emphasis on research.

The Scientific Methods module enables you to leverage your methodological and systematic competencies developed over the course of the degree programme when conducting independent research – skills you will apply when writing your master's thesis, which forms part of the programme. ... [-]

Germany Passau
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Full time
2 - 3 semesters
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