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31 LLM Programmes in Law Studies Technology Law Studies 2024



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LLM Programmes in Law Studies Technology Law Studies

Information Technology (usually abbreviated “IT”), refers to the use of computers to store, manipulate and transmit data. An LLM is a master’s degree in law that adds further specialization to a legal undergraduate background or a legal element to a non-law academic experience. While an LLM in Information Technology alone does not qualify the bearer to practice law, it does add a relevant level of expertise that will not go unnoticed in the workplace.

What are the benefits of an LLM in Information Technology?

As telecommunications and the internet become an even more fundamental aspect in our world, questions of ownership, sourcing, file sharing, spamming, cybercrime, business and individual privacy rights come into question. LLM in Information Technology law degree-bearers are highly qualified to advise and litigate on such matters.

How much does it cost to take an LLM in Information Technology?

A highly sought-after specialization, LLM in Information Technology programs often prove a valuable investment. Costs of study can vary depending on the faculty and country, so it is best to contact universities directly regarding tuition and possible funding options.

What are the LLM in Information Technology requirements?

Universities prefer applicants with an honors undergraduate degree in law or information technology when considering prospective LLM in IT students. A combination of courses and written examinations, and/or research and a dissertation, makes up a typical LLM in Information Technology syllabus.

Which career with an LLM in Information Technology?

Graduates from LLM in IT programs go on to work for corporations, government agencies, law firms, telecommunications companies, courts and transnational organizations. An LLM in Information Technology can also provide a springboard for those wanting to pursue a PhD.

Why take an online LLM in Information Technology?

Online LLM in Information Technology law degree programs are an excellent way to use technology’s benefits for academic furtherance. Many universities offer LLM in IT programs online. Contact faculties of interest, below, to learn more about top law degree programs around the world.