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31 LLM Programmes in Economic Studies Finance Financial Law 2024



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LLM Programmes in Economic Studies Finance Financial Law

An LLM degree (abbreviated from the Latin Legum Magister) is a master’s degree, which provides individuals with undergraduate Law qualifications or professional experience with a deeper understanding of a subject in Law. An LLM in Finance furnishes students with a comprehensive understanding of financial markets, economics, financial instruments, assets and liabilities, emerging markets and globalization.

What are the benefits of an LLM in Finance?

An LLM in Finance law degree can benefit practicing lawyers, graduates from Bachelor of Law or Juris Doctor programs, or professionals with a finance background. Legal professionals and finance specialists can share knowledge in an LLM in Finance program, eventually improving the overall success of business through a balanced appreciation of opportunities and regulations.

How much does it cost to take an LLM in Finance?

The cost of taking an LLM in Finance program differs greatly from university to university. Some programs last one year, while others will take two years to complete. Individual academic faculties can provide information about the costs of their LLM in Finance program.

Why take an online LLM in Finance degree?

There are online study opportunities for students interested in taking an LLM in Finance as well. Studying an LLM in Finance online can mitigate the necessity of travelling to campus, and also allow the student to work simultaneously with study.

What are the LLM in Finance requirements?

Most universities require applicants to an LLM in Finance degree to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Law or Finance, or an equivalent academic degree. Some universities also express a preference for undergraduates with honors. Through a combination of coursework, placement opportunities and research, LLM in Finance law degree students can gain both practical and theoretical exposure to finance law.

Which career with an LLM in Finance?

Graduates from LLM in Finance law degree programs go on to work for multinational companies, financial institutions, government organizations and elsewhere to advise, litigate or defend. Below is a list of top LLM in Finance programs from universities around the world.