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LLB Programmes in Law Studies General Law Studies Law Studies

The Bachelor of Laws, or LLB, is a bachelor’s degree that specializes in the field of law. People who obtain this degree gain knowledge of various subsections of the legal profession and often choose from an array of different career paths.

What is an LLB in Law Studies? This degree hones a student’s intellectual and practical abilities in order to successfully function in the legal profession. Many students begin their legal careers as part of this degree scheme. Some programs offer the choice of an area of specialization based on types of law, and others provide study abroad opportunities to add an international component to the material. Students may study subjects such as criminal and contract law, corporate law, tort law, and legal skills and processes.

Students who study law may gain crucial life skills, such as advanced communication skills, research and writing skills, and an ability to analyze and reason in various situations. These skills not only lead to successful professional lives but also enhance life on a personal level.

There are many factors at play that determine the cost of an LLB, including location and individual school. The LLB in Law Studies can take from three to four years to complete if studying full-time.

The law studies degree is often the first step to becoming a lawyer, and many recipients do so. However, there are other career opportunities open to students in this program. Some work in a legal capacity for corporations or government agencies. Other graduates work in human resources roles or go on to teach at the secondary or collegiate level. A legal background can help graduates work in military or law enforcement agencies. Due to the varied skill sets learned, graduates of an LLB in Law Studies often have a variety of career options from which to choose.

There is a multitude of universities that offer the LLB in Law Studies, whether they be local or online institutions. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.