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Sustainability College Bruges

Sustainability College Bruges

Sustainability College Bruges


The Sustainability College Bruges (SCB) is a private institution, offering continuing education, research, advisory services and mediation, for a worldwide public - on environmental, energy, climate change, and health & safety issues. The activities of the SCB are inspired and guided by the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2016 European Action for Sustainability. The SCB is composed of a Center for Continuing Education, a Center for Research, a Center for Mediation & Dispute Resolution, and a Center for Advisory Services. It is supported by a large group of SCB Fellows, an International Advisory Board and the Friends of the SCB.

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Continuing Education

The SCB Center for Continuing Education (CCE) organizes continuing education (programs, conferences, seminars, presentations) which is "problem-oriented", "demand-driven", "scientifically based" and "didactically innovative". This is in principally done in an interdisciplinary way and with a focus on social sciences and humanities aspects. Where necessary and opportune, natural sciences and biomedical expertise are included. Tailor-made education is the goal. The SCB CCE activities do not lead to a bachelor, master or Ph.D. degree. Participation and evaluation is rewarded with an SCB CCE certificate (of attendance, participation, evaluation).

SCB Center for Research

The SCB Center for Research (CR) performs (inter)disciplinary research on environmental, energy, climate change, and health & safety issues. This is done at the initiative of SCB Fellows and/or at the request of public or private parties. The research done is presented at SCB launch events, seminars or conferences, and published in the SCB Opinion Papers.



The SCB Center for Mediation & Dispute Resolution (CMDR) aims to promote mediation and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques in environmental, energy, climate change and health & safety matters. It incorporates the activities of the Flemish Association for Guidance & Mediation in Complex Investment Projects, as set up in 2010 by Kurt Deketelaere and Dirk Henckens, and is open to European and international ADR developments.

Advisory Services

The SCB Center for Advisory Services (CAS) offers legal and multidisciplinary advice and support to governments (local, national, European, international), profit and non-profit organizations in environmental, energy, climate change and health & safety matters. This is done in a scientific and impartial way. The SCB CAS also acts as a "second opinion" deliverer for law and consultancy firms.

SCB Vision & Mission

SCB's vision is "Investing in Knowledge for a Sustainable Future". SCB's mission is :

  • Sharing our passion for environment, climate, energy, health, and safety matters,
  • Offering content-driven continuing education instead of format-driven education,
  • Being flexible, adaptable and anticipating to an ever-changing regulatory environment,
  • Performing interdisciplinary research from a social sciences and humanities perspective, while involving all relevant stakeholders,
  • Delivering competent and tailor-made advisory services, mediation and dispute settlement,
  • Based on “network-sourcing”, bringing worldwide leading experts in profit, non-profit, government and academic sectors to those who don’t have the time or the opportunity to study or engage abroad,
  • Being global, and making continuing education and research accessible to everyone, regardless of location and time zone,
  • Striving for excellence in all activities developed, with the support of a world-class group of engaged and competent fellows.




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    Potterierei 4 8000 Bruges (Belgium), , Bruges