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L’Université Catholique Du Congo

L’Université Catholique Du Congo

L’Université Catholique Du Congo


The Catholic University of Congo Is a private Catholic university renowned for its excellence, dynamism, exceptional quality of the courses offered to its students and the relevance of its program of studies. Created in 1987 by the Episcopal Conference of Zaire, under the transformed name of the Faculty of Catholic Theology of Kinshasa to the Catholic Faculties of Kinshasa (FCK). The institution thus counted two faculties: the Faculty of Theology and that of Philosophy. In July 1989, the Standing Committee of Bishops decided to create a third faculty, the Faculty of Economics and Development, which was named after the academic year 2000-2001. It also decided during the same session of July 1989 to organize within the Faculty of Theology a department of Canon Law. In June 1991, the Standing Committee of Bishops decided to create a fourth faculty: the Faculty of Social Communications, which officially opened in October 1993.

At the end of the June 2007 Board of Directors, the Standing Committee of Bishops decided to create a sixth faculty: the Faculty of Law and Political Science, which opened its doors in October 2009. After five years of existence, it will be split in two, in October 2013; On the one hand, the Faculty of Law and on the other hand, the Faculty of Political Science.

In view of this stature of the Catholic faculties of Kinshasa, the plenary assembly of July 2009 officially proclaimed them Catholic University of Congo (UCC) whose statutes were already approved in 2003 and the Rules of Procedure in 2008.

The Catholic University of the Congo today offers a program diversified according to the faculties and the degree ranging from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle, characterized by the interdisciplinarity, the valorization of the general culture and the Christian values.

The Catholic University of Congo (UCC) has two campuses, one in the heart of the city of Kinshasa in Limete, the other in the western part of the city, in the municipality of Mont Ngafula. The two campuses of Limete and Mont-Ngafula campus are part of the urban fabric of the city of Kinshasa.

The Mont-Ngafula Campus is under construction and is located in the western part of the city of Kinshasa, in the municipality of Mont Ngafula, near the parish of Sainte Rita, opposite the Cité-verte quarter. It includes three faculties, including the Faculty of Theology, which holds the Chair of the Catholic University of Congo, Philosophy, and Social Communications. Its building is built on three levels, in the form of a cross of Jesus, each wing of which constitutes a set of audiences. The Campus de Limete, which has four faculties, is located on University Avenue No. 2 in the center of the city of Kinshasa in the municipality of Limete, near the parish of Saint Raphaël, right next to the Pastoral Center of Limete. Lindonge. The Faculties organized at the Limete site are: Canon Law, Economics and Development, Law, and Political Science. It is in this site where the administration of the University is based, including also the large library, research center, office, pharmacy and many restaurants and terraces frequented by students.

The Catholic University of Congo is directly accessible by means of transport. A large field allows Parker the vehicles that accompany the students and those of professors are near all the buildings. The UCC is the urban university par excellence and quality assurance.

Official Recognition of the Institution by the Congolese State

The Catholic University of the Congo is recognized by DECRET N ° 06/0106 OF 12 JUNE 2006 ESTABLISHING SOME PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENTS OF HIGHER EDUCATION AND UNIVERSITY signed by the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa June 12, 2006 .

Mount Ngafula: A modern campus

Students at the Catholic University of Congo appreciate their modern campus, built on the hill of the municipality of Mount Ngafula, which includes a building meeting international standards, with auditoriums, administrative offices, library, computer room and cafeterias . Other achievements are in progress.

Unbeatable coaching

The renown of the prestigious Catholic University of the Congo rests on the commitment, availability and friendliness of its teachers (teachers and assistants) as well as its many personalized coaching formulas. At UCC, you will find teachers who will encourage you and push you to scientific research, to express your opinions and who will support you in moments of doubt or difficulty.

Important research activities

In recent years, the UCC has made its mark as one of the major research universities in the DRC. Research is carried out in the scientific, economic, social, cultural, environmental or quality of life fields. In particular, by organizing, the interdisciplinary colloquium, conferences for each faculty, scientific days, etc.

The cost of overall research funding at the UCC sometimes reaches ......... ..The UCC places an important and fundamental place on research in the category of general Catholic Universities.


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