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LUde.S. was born in 1999, in association form, in Canton Ticino , Switzerland , from the initiative of prof. Paolo Sotgiu, with the aim of promoting and promoting all forms of cultural exchange and of didactic, scientific and research experiences in European and extra European contexts with the name of Free University of Humanities and Technologies Ludes. With resolution n. 703 of 14 February 2006, the State Council authorized LUde.S. to use the University Name as defined in art. 14 cpv. 2 of the Law on the University of Swiss Switzerland, on the Professional College of Italian Switzerland and the Research Institutes of October 3, 1995 (LUSI / SUPSI, RL

In 2014, following the amendment to art. 14 LUSI / SUPSI, which allows the use of the term university only to schools accredited by the competent national or intercantonal authorities, the Ludes Ludes is the Ludes sagl service company, transforming its structure into a Campus, the Ludes Lugano Campus, to host the most prestigious European and international universities in Lugano, and develop their courses according to the study plans prepared by their respective host universities.

In line with the vision of the founder Prof. Paolo Sotgiu, and after nearly 20 years of business in Switzerland, LUde.S. has recently founded a new campus in Malta, called UCM United Campus of Malta.

Expanding into Malta, UCM is now able to further strengthen its international scope by issuing study qualifications that can be equated to and recognized in several countries, not just in Europe, making it easier for students to obtain foreign qualifications (license NCFHE n. 2015-011).

At the Ludes Lugano Campus, the graduate courses at Semmelweis University and UCM United Campus of Malta Higher Education Institution are currently being offered.

Why study at Ludes

Study at LUde.S. it means becoming what you are: a person full, responsible and open to the other and the world.

It's not just about learning techniques, acquiring skills, but also learning about respect and love for everything that promotes life.

Recognize the value of the human being, its potentialities and abilities, always confronting the culture and traditions of other peoples.

The pedagogical approach of LUde.S. aspires to teach to know and understand not only others, but also and above all themselves, thus facilitating future professional and relational life, thus creating a solid foundation for any journey life will call us to go.


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