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European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) - Faculty of Law

European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) - Faculty of Law

European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder) - Faculty of Law


Your University is Viadrina!

The Viadrina is situated at the heart of Europe – internationality is its trademark. Its students and instructors hail from over 80 countries. It should come as no surprise that students have the opportunity to take foreign language courses at the university’s language center and study or complete internships abroad.

Fotos © Heide Fest / European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (ODER)

One Program, three Degree Options

The IHL program allows for the possibility of three degree types: the first being an LL.M. program (90 ECTS) which can be done in both a full-time or part-time fashion; a Diploma program (60 ECTS) which will follow the same courses for two-semester worth, but will be shorter without the need to complete a thesis and an internship; and the last would be certificate program (30 ECTS) which will allow for even more concise curriculum consisting of one semester worth of courses, but still with the ability to specialize in a specific area.

Good Guidance means great Success

We offer small class sizes and personalized service. The learning environment at the Viadrina is excellent and features small class sizes, direct contact with academic staff, personalized student services, internship opportunities, and career planning assistance. The Viadrina provides an atmosphere where students can prepare for their exams in peace, graduate in a timely manner, and prepare for their entry into professional life. Welcome to the Viadrina Family!

The host University

Master of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law The Master’s program is conducted at the Viadrina European University, founded in 1991. As such, it continues the fine tradition of the first State University of Brandenburg (Alma Mater Viadrina, 1506 - 1811). The University comprises three Faculties, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Economics, and the Faculty of Cultural Studies, in addition to affiliated Centres and Institutes. In close cooperation with the University of Poznan it also co-conducts the Collegium Polonicum in the sister city of Frankfurt (Oder), Słubice, located in Poland directly across the River Oder from the Viadrina. In cooperation with Polish and other affiliated European universities the Viadrina especially endeavors to face the challenge of a newly open and expanded Europe building a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. As well the University has numerous other international partner institutions around the world.


This is where Europe begins

Our 6.000 international students from 85 countries study law, economics and culture since the reopening of the Viadrina in 1991, the European University has developed into an internationally renowned address on the German-Polish border, with approximately 6,000 students now enrolled. European and international aspects of law, economics and culture play a special roll in degree plans offered by our faculties of Law, Business Administration and Economics and Cultural Sciences.

Fotos © Heide Fest / European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (ODER)


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