Sweden is located in Northern Europe and is bordered by Finland, Norway and the Baltic and North Seas. From technology to politics to commerce, the Scandinavian country, known for its innovation and technology, is heralded for its many significant global contributions, ranging from the Nobel Prize to Ikea. Major Swedish industries include timber, iron ore, telecommunications, automobiles, and pharmaceuticals. Sweden is well-known for literature, films, fashion, and a universal health care system. It’s no surprise, therefore, that Sweden also shines in the area of higher education. Throw in the fact that English is widely spoken -- and is in fact an accepted mode of university teaching, as well as the official working language of a number of Swedish corporations -- and Sweden becomes a veritable hub of international study for students from around the globe.

The Swedish Legal System

Sweden’s laws are created by the country’s Parliament and upheld by a number of government agencies responsible for everything from law enforcement to correctional services. The country has both penal and civil law, as well as a comprehensive administrative law system.

Universities in Sweden