For many people, Poland is one of the richest cultural areas of Europe. Poland is located in the centre of Europe and has borders with the Baltic Sea, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Most of the country is flat, but two mountain ranges are located in the south. Poland is home to spectacular natural scenery and beautiful architecture that includes castles, palaces, wooden churches and modern sports arenas. For students who wish to travel to the country for education, there are many promising reasons to do so. The country offers a solid educational system including various law schools. It can be one of the more promising countries to obtain a legal degree in.

What is the Legal System in Poland?

Before entering into this type of field of study, students should have a better understanding of the legal system here. The country's legal system continues to evolve. It has both public and private laws under its code. The Constitution of Poland is the main ruling laws of the country. As a civil law country, parliament creates the laws. In many instances, laws are localized, making it somewhat of a challenge to learn these laws until you are familiar with the local area.

Universities in Poland