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Bachelor of International Law

The Law Faculty was established in 1994. Since that time it has graduated more than 2,500 specialists who are currently employed in state and private organizations as lawyers, attorneys and notaries, deliver lectures at the institutions of higher education, and work as officers at the national public prosecution bodies and law enforcement agencies. Presently, there are 1,673 students enrolled in full-time and correspondence course programs at the Faculty.

The Law Faculty has four departments:

  • Department of Private Law
  • Department of Public Law
  • Department of History of Law and Humanities
  • Department of International Law


International Law


International commercial law


International lawyer with the knowledge of foreign languages

The teaching process at the Faculty is carried out by highly-qualified teachers and experts in jurisprudence and international law, the majority of whom have academic degrees of PhD and academic titles of professors and associate professors. Many of them have extensive international experience and have undertaken internships in international organizations and government agencies abroad.

In September 2009, the Resource Centre of International Humanitarian Law was opened at the University. The Centre is supported by the UN, International Committee of Red Cross and other authoritative international organizations.

The Law Faculty is the only faculty in the Republic of Belarus with the specialization in law which offers its students compulsory courses in two foreign languages and optional courses in other two languages. The foreign languages are English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

The Faculty maintains a close relationship with the most outstanding European educational institutions and research centers in the sphere of jurisprudence and international law. It provides the Law Faculty students with a good opportunity to expand their professional knowledge, master important practical skills, improve language skills and to participate in international conferences, seminars, and other academic events, as well as take internships abroad.

Many of the Faculty students are also members of the international student research club “PRIMUM” which is administered and coordinated by the Department of International Affairs of the University. PRIMUM club members represent the institute at famous national and international contests and competitions, such as the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (the USA), the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition (the Netherlands), the Jean-Pictet Competition (Switzerland), the F.F. Martens International Humanitarian Law Competition (Russia), etc.

The Faculty is also famous for being the initiator and organizer of the International Law Competition “Youth for Peace” – the foremost annual student competition in international humanitarian law in East Europe which attracts and brings together student teams from around the world. In the previous five years, the Competition has seen student teams from more than 30 countries around the world.

The Law Faculty has participated in the UN campaign “Stand against poverty” (Stand-Up), which was held as a worldwide event for a 24-hour period. As a result of the campaign, the faculty was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Law Faculty students undertake compulsory pre-graduation internships in public agencies, enterprises, legal agencies and investigative authorities.

The students’ research activity is supported by numerous scientific societies and study groups that unite students according to their professional interests: history and theory of law; international public law; etc.

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About the International University "MITSO" INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY “MITSO” TODAY: International University “MITSO” is a modern and dynamically developing institution of higher education which offers a high-quality education in the spheres of management, economics, and law. OUR MISSION: To provide our students with a high-quality modern education which will become the most effective tool for their successful career development and life building. To create unique opportunities for self-fulfillment for those who work with us. OUR GOAL: To become the most prestigious university at the cutting edge of modern education in Belarus. OUR PRINCIPLES AND VALUES: Knowledge and professionalism Morality and respect Team spirit and ideas sharing Creativity and dynamism Accessibility and transparency of information Reliability and integrity Reputation OUR HISTORY: The International University “MITSO” was founded by the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, an authoritative public organization, with over 4 million members. March 15, 1930 The beginning of the first academic year at the Higher School of Trade Union Movement, a legal predecessor of the International Institute of Labour and Social Relations (IILSR) – former University February 1992 The establishment of the International Institute of Labour and Social Relations (IILSR) as an institution of higher education by the decision of the Presidium of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus July 12, 2005 The IILSR students acquired a right to obtain a school loan on preferential terms being enrolled in higher education for the first time (in accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 319) 2008 The IILSR went through the assessment and accreditation procedure and was granted status as a higher educational establishment with the right to issue diplomas of the state standard. September 1, 2010 The IILSR was granted an international certificate of conformity to the international quality management standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2008 with the accreditation of the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) June 30, 2011 By the decision of the Presidium of the Council of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, the IILSR was granted a status of a university and was renamed International University “MITSO” January 30, 2012 International University “MITSO” was granted the Certificate of State Accreditation confirming the status of a higher educational institution (field-oriented university) International University "MITSO" provides higher education on the basis of the secondary education, vocational education, specialized secondary education and higher education. at all the three levels: undergraduate level (university degree), graduate level (master's degree) and postgraduate level (Ph.D./doctorate degree). It has well-established research traditions and well-defined research specialization in the spheres of economics and law. THE ACADEMIC STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSITY INCLUDES: Research Institute of Labour and Social Relations Institute for Professional Development and Retraining of Specialists OUR FACULTIES: Faculty of International Economic Relations and Management Law Faculty Faculty of Pre-university Training Faculty of Economics and Law (Vitebsk and Gomel Regional Branches) OFFICIAL NAME OF THE UNIVERSITY: FULL NAME: Higher Educational Establishment of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus "International University "MITSO" SHORT NAME: International University "MITSO" REGIONAL BRANCHES: Vitebsk Branch of International University “MITSO” Gomel Branch of International University “MITSO” Read Less